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The State of the Open Water Market in England

In one of Graham Mann’s independant LinkedIn Live podcasts, yesterday, in which he regularly discusses the non-household water retail market, water efficiency and all things water, he was joined by special guest, Jacob Tompkins OBE, co-founder and CTO of The Water Retail Company.  Together they lifted the lid on the state of the ‘open water market‘ in England.

With decades of experience in the English water industry, not to mention founding and directing Waterwise, a UK NGO focussed on water efficiency, for almost 12 years, Jacob received his OBE for services to the industry and was able to provide some very useful insight in to the current strengths and weaknesses of the water retail and wholesale market in England, market regulation and operation, and thoughts on topics of innovation and some of the changes needed to help the market achieve its original objectives.

Graham and Jacob discussed the English water retail market’s regulation under Ofwat, its operation by MOSL and the challenges still facing all of the main stakeholders, which make it difficult for water retailers to provide customers with the seamless and consistent levels of customer service and billing accuracy found in the other, more mature energy utilities markets.  Out of these challenges, of course, comes an opportunity for some suppliers to stand out from the crowd, and also for the need for innovation to play a role in the market’s evolution going forwards…but from where, and in what form?

You can watch the replay of the full podcast (recorded in two parts due to technical issues during the live stream) below.

Podcast with Graham Mann – Part 1

(Tuesday, 22nd June 2020)

Podcast with Graham Mann – Part 2

(Tuesday, 22nd June 2020)