What is our ‘Trust In Water’ rating?

Seeking feedback and relative ratings from your customers is a way of life now for the modern business, allowing you to react and change to meet demand.  But how objective are generic rating systems and can they really allow competitive comparison on equal terms of measurement?

Whilst household name ratings systems, like those of TrustPilot® and Feefo®, are commonplace and highly recognised brands, has their ubiquity led to their use as not only a ‘me too’ website accessory, but also a loss of true value in the vague way in which their ratings are applied across industries, product and service types? Do they really represent the performance of a business in its specific field, and are they able to adequately reflect changes to a business and its current performance, rather than being a cumulative rating that loses focus and true value?

Together with water retail market businesses and customers, SwitchWaterSupplier.com is developing an industry-specific rating system, which aims to follow our ethos of impartiality and objectivity, and provide a means of customers contributing to a qualitative rating for retailers that is contextual and fair.

Trust In Water Rating

Measuring against specific ‘pillars’ of operational performance specific to the industry, the Trust In Water rating is intended to help provide objective customer feedback in an effort to further help retailers gain valuable insights into a real-world appraisal of the business and use the system as a target towards which continuous operational improvement allows it to achieve comparable recognition for its efforts against its peers.

  We're seeking involvement in the development of the Trust In Water rating and welcome your input - let's own the value of the rating together. If you'd like to work with us to steer development or just share your aspirations, please email retailer@switchwatersupplier.com and we'll be in touch!

For more information about working with us call 03300 552532 or email retailer@switchwatersupplier.com