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ConservAqua Joins the Open Water Market


Following their application in December 2019, ConservAqua Limited (“ConservAqua”) have become the latest business to be granted license to supply water and sewerage services to non-household properties in the English water retail market.

Having provided the regulator Ofwat with a very strong business case, licenses to supply water and sewerage retail services in England were granted by Ofwat on the 11th June and ConservAqua‘s board of directors feels certain it can help to address some of the challenges being faced in the youthful non-household water retail market.

In the company’s recent press release Sales Director, Mark Hanlon, said “ConservAqua are delighted to have been granted a licence to retail water and wastewater services to non-household customers.  Our objectives are to offer a high level of customer service, bill validations, accurate on-going billing and expertise along with additional services to help customers with water efficiency; something the market is in dire need of promoting and, more importantly, delivering upon.”

ConservAqua plans to allocate an experienced account manager to every customer, so there will always be someone available at the end of a direct dial number to help with account queries.  The company recognises that every business uses water in very different ways, for different and sometimes business critical purposes and so the premise of a typical customer services call centre approach, or even a periodic, outbound call may often not be sufficient.

Seeking to specialise in working with organisations with particular characteristics, ConservAqua plans to start each new relationship with a site visit and usage survey to see how, when and where water is currently being used, and if there are any changes that can be proposed to reduce water usage or make water usage more efficient.

In the same press release, Director of Operations, Scott Flower explained “Customer service is paramount, we need to provide an open and transparent service, a bespoke approach if you like. Our clients need to have clear visibility and understanding of their own water usage and bills. Using this foresight and by introducing new technology, they can then be in control.” Mr Flower went on to say “Covid 19 has taught us that even though the world almost ground to a halt, water demand certainly hasn’t. As restrictions are relaxing and businesses reopen, the front runners are the ’social distance’ friendly, and more importantly, high water consumption clients, such Golf Clubs and Garden Centres. We aim to assist businesses such as these to reduce their water usage, gain efficiency knowledge and improve their own carbon footprint within their industries and therefore reap the ongoing financial rewards.”

Amongst some of the market’s more general water retail companies, it seems clear that ConservAqua‘s entrance is based on a fairly focused business model, but one which otherwise continues to provide non-household users another option to consider.  At SwitchWaterSupplier.com we’re please to be able to add ConservAqua to our unique water procurement platform and enable our customers to consider whether to switch water supplier and request tender and quotation responses from a growing number of water retailers throughout both England and Scotland.

More information about ConservAqua is available here and on their website at conservaqua.co.uk