Finally, switching water supplier has been made simple!

We've designed our tendering and switching services around the needs of our customers and those also of the water retailers to make it easier than ever to request competitive quotations for your entire English and Scottish property portfolio, whether that's one site or a thousand.

I’ve no idea how hard it’s been to create’s software, but we’ve been waiting three years for something like this to arrive.  Thanks!

With expert guidance always on hand to help manage your portfolio and go out to tender, is about to make your life much, much easier!

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Register your business and create an account with our switching portal.

We’ll email you once your account is up and running, ready for you to log in and complete your profile.

Now you’re ready to add your organisation’s property portfolio details.

You’ll need your existing water bills to find some of the information we need, but if you need help with this step we’re on hand to do the heavy lifting!

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With your property portfolio and existing supply details up to date, you’re ready to set up a tender in just a few clicks.

If you wish, you can include mandatory response questions (your ‘framework’), against which you can review and weight all retailer responses.

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Finally, your tender will go live at the agreed date and time and a window will open to retailers.

Retailers can submit their responses and offer you their best quotes. You can watch the whole process live and when the window closes and the tender ends, you can review the quotes, including any responses to questions you included and choose your preferred retailer.  We’ll liaise with the retailer on your behalf and help the switch to run smoothly.

For a personal demonstration of our unique tendering and switching platform, please call 03300 552532 or contact us here.

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If you have a question regarding any of our services or the products we offer, why not drop us a line. We'll endeavour to reply as quickly as possible and aim to contact you within a working day.

What is the Open Water Market?

Following deregulation in England, in April 2017, the largest competitive water retail market in the world opened for business, which represented the biggest change to the water sector since privatisation.

Joining the previously deregulated Scottish water retail market, the combined UK market serves some 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations which are no longer restricted to buying water services from their local water authority.

With the retailing of water separated from the wholesale operation, non-domestic customers can now seek competitive quotations from the entire water retail market, renegotiate existing supplies and find the right supplier for them, combining the most competitive pricing with further, value-added services.

Who supplies your water in England, Wales and Scotland?

Who supplies your water in England, Wales and Scotland?

The new market structure promotes increased competition in order to keep prices down, encourage water efficiency and lead to improved customer service.