We think trust has to be earned, and then retained.

SwitchWaterSupplier.com isn’t a price comparison company, our unique tendering and switching platform offers an opportunity to engage with water retailers and evaluate their suitability for your organisation based on price, service level agreements and responses specific to your questions.

There are many new water retailers in the UK market as a result of deregulation, and whilst not all may serve water in England, Scotland and Wales, inevitably you’ll be considering working with a company that may be early in its journey and maturity.  Some are the creations born of the former local water authorities, now supplying water retail and wastewater services nationwide.  Other water retailers are start-up businesses, perhaps with a background in the energy sector or approaching the market with specific commercial and objectives, such as being led by water efficiency services.

Regardless, some water retailers are currently outperforming others when it comes to customer service and the water industry regulators (Ofwat and WICS), and market operators (MOSL operate the English water retail market, whilst the Central Market Agency operate the Scottish water retail market) and other advisory bodies, such as the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), are working hard to address the main problems, levying fines where appropriate, but actively encouraging improved standards.

…some retailers are currently outperforming others when it comes to customer service and the regulators, market operators and other advisory bodies are working hard to address the main problems, levying fines where appropriate, but actively encouraging improved standards.

So, when it comes to switching and having to choose between similarly priced quotes, how should you come to a conclusion about which water retailer is best for your business?  Unfortunately, SwitchWaterSupplier.com must remain impartial and unbiased in our services, and whilst we want the very best outcomes for our customers, we’re mindful of the pressures and market forces that impact retailers.

Many of the water retailers are working really hard to identify and address their own operational challenges in this young market.  Perhaps then, there are two ways you would consider the water retailers; by the suitability of their responses to a more formal approach to tendering – which is something you can do via the SwitchWaterSupplier.com platform – and also by referring to customer reviews, no?

Well, again with our customers’ best interests in mind, we don’t think generic customer review standards give an appropriate rating, and we believe they are potentially counterproductive.  Well known ratings systems, like those of TrustPilot® and Feefo®, are commonplace, and whilst well recognised, their ‘one-size fits all’ approach to ratings leads to their use as a ‘me too’ website accessory.  Providing cumulative ratings without focus on topics of competency, they don’t adequately reflect the performance of a business in its specific field and aren’t capable of reflecting changes to a business by displaying its current performance in the context of different operational or service topics.  As a result, they rarely provide true value…at least not to the customer seeking assurance.

For these reasons, working with our customers, water retailers and the wider ‘open water market‘, SwitchWaterSupplier.com is developing an industry-specific rating system, called ‘Trust In Water’, which aims to follow our ethos of impartiality and objectivity, providing a means of our customers contributing to a qualitative rating for retailers that is contextual and fair.

Trust In Water Rating

Coming later this year!

With this in mind, the Trust In Water rating is being designed to allow measurement against specific ‘pillars’ of operational performance within the context of the non-domestic water retail industry.  It is ultimately intended to present customers with a real-world appraisal of the business, recognising companies for their continuous operational improvement in the market, identifying their current standards (versus all-time averages) and offering a valuable comparison tool against retailers’ peers.

The Trust In Water rating will be being launched as soon as possible, when sufficient customer data is available, but we’ll be sure to let everyone know when it goes live and our unique switching platform will directly reference the rating against quotations from the water retailers to help customers make an informed choice of supplier.

Trust In Water Infographic

It’s never just about price, so how can you compare retailers and choose between them with confidence? We’re working on a solution!

Take a look at our infographic to learn more about the ‘Trust in Water’ Rating

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