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There's been no way to effectively seek comparable quotations from the entire water retail market...until now!

Switching water supplier has never been easier!

If you’re unhappy with the level of service you are receiving from your current water supplier, or simply want to to find out if you could save money by getting better rates elsewhere, then you can use SwitchWaterSupplier.com’s unique online platform to approach every water retailer with a license to supply services to your region.

If your organisation is a heavy user, or operates multiple sites throughout the UK, then there are even greater opportunities to benefit from significant savings and you can consolidate your billing by choosing just one or two suppliers, rather than many, making it easier manage your portfolio, analyse costs and realise onward savings through a comprehensive water efficiency strategy.

What are the benefits of switching water supplier?

Some of the main reasons you might decide to switch water supplier include:

  • Realising cost-savings through better tariffs made available another water retailer
  • Seeking better service levels, which might include improved customer services and more timely responses to your enquiries and more accurate billing if you’ve had issues with your current supplier that could not be improved upon
  • Finding a supplier with more expertise or capacity in serving and working with organisations in your industry, or with your specific operational needs
  • Taking advantage of value-added services in addition to the core water supply and wastewater services
  • Consolidating some or all of your water supply and wastewater services across multiple sites and regions to a single supplier (or at least minimising the number of suppliers used where operational or financial benefit dictates working with multiple retailers is still of benefit)

When switching water supplier, it’s not uncommon to be able to reduce your water bills by anything between 10% and 18%, though the location of your premises and the type and volume of services you use have a significant affect on this.

Switch Business Water Supplier Infographic

As a business in England, you no longer need to suffer in silence if you believe you could enjoy a better service with a different water supplier.

Take a look at our infographic to learn more about switching water supplier.

SwitchWaterSupplier.com’s switching service is unique within the industry!

We start by providing you with the knowledge and the availability of an expert team in the field of non-household water consultancy and then combine this with access to our feature-rich switching and water procurement platform, which is totally unique and the first within the industry.

Switch Water Supplier’s platform looks really well thought out and is going to make the whole process of managing our water contracts throughout the country much, much easier!  I’m confident we’ll see some great savings as a result of being able to go out to every supplier for competitive quotations.

Our customers can begin to visualise their organisations’ water portfolios like never before, and use the service completely free of charge to manage their water contracts and site data year after year.

If your organisation has multiple locations, we’ll even help you complete your portfolio and prepare your information, making it ready to go out to tender to the whole water retail market for your next supply contract.

How SwitchWaterSupplier.com helps

Unlike gas and electricity, the opportunity to actually choose which retailer supplies its services is a new experience for most businesses in England, and whilst the Scottish market was deregulated some years ago now, businesses with cross-border operations haven’t been able to fully take advantage of the ability to switch supplier for their entire portfolio.  Navigating the newly deregulated market will take some getting used to, with new water retailers entering the industry, some with differing specialisms or commercial objectives.

Identifying those water suppliers that can offer your organisation lower charges and a better service than you feel you might already be getting is not easy at present.

In time, the non-household water retail market throughout the UK will mature in the same way as perhaps the energy market, and switching will become commonplace and normal in managing costs and seeking improved service levels.  Arguably, as the market matures, some water retailers may disappear, being unable to manage their costs versus the rate of customer acquisition and/or retentions. The stronger water retailers will remain, and whilst the choice in number of suppliers might reduce from where it is now, those that remain will have addressed the current operational challenges brought about by the process of deregulation and the relative infancy of the market, and it will still be a competitive environment.  Any ‘settlement’ within the water retail market which reduces the number of non-household water suppliers will result in less competition to aid significant savings being found by customers.

Until then, however, there is significant benefit in taking the advice of experienced water retail consultants who are impartial and unbiased, and who know the industry inside out.  SwitchWaterSupplier.com can help you to manage your organisation’s interests in water and wastewater, help to minimise costs, introduce further efficiencies and give you peace of mind that you are making the right decision for your business.

Help to identify the opportunity to switch water supplier

The English non-household water retail market serves some 1.2 million businesses, public sector organisations and charities, whilst in Scotland there are a further 130,000 organisations able to switch.

To be eligible to switch water supplier, an organisation must operate at least one site in England or Scotland, whilst things are a little different for Welsh non-domestic customers.  However, despite the overwhelming majority of organisations in England or Scotland qualifying, there are still some exceptions and SwitchWaterSupplier.com’s consultants are able to advise you further on whether you meet the criteria.

Choosing which water retailer to switch to

With so many retailers to approach, the idea of pursuing a switch, especially for larger, multi-site organisations, is daunting to say the least.

Unless a organisation is particularly conscientious with its records of its water supply details already, gathering all of the necessary detail to be able to go out to tender or seek competitive quotations is likely to pose a challenge to available resource – especially when the scale of savings that might be achieved by a switch is unidentified.

For organisations wanting to switch water supplier, we have created SwitchWaterSupplier.com’s unique platform on which organisations can manage their property portfolios, exchange information with us, like bills, copy contracts, letters etc. and manage the whole tendering process from start to finish.

The process is loosely divided in to four stages:

We’ll email once an account is up and running, ready for to log in to and have its profile completed.

By asking a for few details about an organisation’s special interests and its preferences for billing and payment methods, we can be sure to include this information in the tender, helping the retailers to know whether their businesses are suited to the client and meet any criteria set by the customer from the outset.

You’ll need your existing water bills to find some of the information we need, but if you need help with this step we’re on hand to do the heavy lifting!

Our portal provides easy-to-use visual ‘workspaces’ in which to organise your property portfolio, even if you have many site locations and meters.

With the property portfolio and existing supply details up to date, it’s really easy to set up a tender in just a few clicks.

Tenders can be created that ask nothing of the water retailers other than to provide basic business and service information and their quotations.  However, the SwitchWaterSupplier.com platform makes it very easy to create a tender document with questions and criteria that water retailers participating in the tender must respond to.  This helps a customer to accurately compare the water retailers on more the price, which we feel is important to ensure the best fit for your business.  Great customer service, regular meter reads and accurate billing will often provide greater ‘value’ than the lowest rates!

Once a tender opportunity has closed, retailer responses, including those that are specific questions included, are made available for the customer to review and to weight accordingly.

SwitchWaterSupplier.com’s platform promotes the use of all available information to guide a customer’s choice of supplier for their next contract.  By providing an opportunity to seek both quotations and to request responses to customer-specific questions, the visibility and ease by which an informed choice can be made has never been easier!

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