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South West Water Parasite Compensation Bill Could Hit £3.4 Million

Earlier this month (May), it emerged that water supplies in Brixham in Devon had been contaminated with the cryptosporid...

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New Funding Wave To Boost Water Quality

Water quality in the UK has been coming under serious fire for some time now, with a House of Commons Committee report o...

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Data Centres & Water Security: Risks & Solutions

As convenient as it very well may be for people to live in the digital age, the same cannot be said for the environment ...

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How Can Agricultural Water Management Improve To Mitigate Drought?

As we’re all no doubt painfully aware now, climate change is here… and it’s here to stay, with the visible effects...

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New EU Regulations Approved To Drive Wastewater Treatment

Earlier this month (April), members of the European Parliament approved new EU regulations for the collection, treatment...

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What Is The Water Restoration Fund?

Despite being the world’s most precious resource, water is coming increasingly under threat, with global supplies now ...

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Water bill validation is an absolute must for non household water customers

Like most businesses and organisations, you probably assume your water, wastewater and trade effluent bills are correct?...

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Despite The Rain, Potential UK Water Shortages Still Loom

The last 18 months leading up to March 2024 saw a record amount of rainfall across England, with Press Association analy...

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Black Samphire: UK River Pollution Gets The Hollywood Treatment

The state of the UK’s rivers could now be considered something of a national disgrace, with just 14 per cent of the na...

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United Utilities Publishes North-West Sewer Revamp Road Map

The UK’s ageing sewer network poses a significant problem around the country, leading to water leaks, pollution and fl...

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The UK’s premier Business Water Switching site, sponsors “Late Tee Time Podcast”

Its a fact, Golf needs water! Without water the greens will fade and die. All golfers want to stay away from the water, ...

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River Pollution: Is It Getting Worse?

River health in the UK is a hot topic of conversation these days, with water quality a growing concern around the countr...

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