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Talking Water With Graham Mann Director Switchwatersupplier.com

Graham Mann Director of Business Water Switching site Switchwatersupplier.com and David Easson of Yorkshire Podcast Stud...

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£74m Slurry Infrastructure Investment To Tackle Water Pollution

The government has unveiled a £74 million investment pot to help farmers around the country make further investments in...

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1 In 3 Children Now Facing Severe Water Scarcity Risk

A new report from Unicef entitled The Climate Changed Child – published ahead of the COP28 climate change summit, ...

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FAQs’ about Switching Water Supplier in the water retail market

None residential customers ask many questions about switching water supplier, so in order to help you here are just a fe...

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How Drought Can Affect Global Trade

Thanks to the advent of the internet, going global with your business has never been easier, particularly if you’re in...

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How do non-residential customers compare business water suppliers?

If you are a non-residential customer for example a business, charity or a public sector organisation such as school, co...

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Drought Conditions: The Risks Posed By Higher River Temperatures

Last year saw the driest July since 1935, with drought conditions declared for much of the country off the back of soari...

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Could We Look To The Past To Ease Water Stress?

Waterways and natural bodies of water are essential not only to life itself but how many people in the modern world live...

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WWF: The High Cost Of Cheap Water

To mark this year’s World Food Day, which took place on October 16th, the WWF has published its latest report – ...

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Why Is Heavy Rain So Dangerous After A Drought?

It can be easy to reduce water to a simple matter of demand and supply, particularly when exploring the utility aspects ...

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Has American Groundwater Reached The Point Of No Return?

With global record temperatures being hit on an almost daily basis during the summer of 2023, one of the consequences of...

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Water Bill Hike To Fund Infrastructure Investments?

It’s possible that annual water bills could increase by £156 a year by 2030 if water suppliers in England and Wales a...

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