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Deal Struck To Draw Less Water From The Colorado River

The Colorado River Basin is a hugely valuable water source in the US, stretching almost 1,500 miles through the Grand Ca...

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Western US Sees Accelerated Winter Snowmelt, Report Reveals

New research has found that in the western parts of North America, more snow is melting during the winter months, with a...

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Calderdale Water Quality Improvement Project Yields Dividends

Although rivers and waterways in Calderdale are being put under increasing amounts of pressure because of agricultural p...

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Will The UK’s Ageing Infrastructure Drive Future Water Shortages?

Although the water crisis is a global issue and one that will affect every country around the world in some way or anoth...

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Water Scarcity Warning Issued For Scottish Businesses

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has just released its first water scarcity report for 2023, revealing ...

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NDG: Now’s The Time To Preserve Water Supplies

The National Drought Group (NDG), which is made up of experts from the Environment Agency, the Met Office, water compani...

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Nature-Based Solutions To The Water Crisis

As time goes on, the global water crisis will only become increasingly more acute, with the situation exacerbated by cli...

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You can now compare business water suppliers

The open water market opened April 2017, which means the water market was deregulated allowing none household customers ...

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Global Investors Call For Action On Water Security

The world is going through a water crisis, which could have huge implications on the global economy, according to a grou...

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Slurry Infrastructure Grant Launched For Farmers

The government has launched a new slurry infrastructure grant for farmers to help them improve slurry storage management...

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Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans For Longest ‘River’ In The World

One of the biggest challenges presented by climate breakdown is water stress and scarcity, an issue that will affect eve...

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Ofwat Calls For Innovation With Water Bills & Charging

Industry regulator Ofwat has issued a call for water companies around the UK to try out more innovative ways of charging...

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