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How Can Businesses Save Water & Reduce Bills?

From a climate change perspective, saving water is essential, as the world is now facing serious water stress and scarcity issues, with demand starting to outstrip supply in many countries – and with the climate crisis deepening all around us, the situation is only going to get worse.

But there is a lot that can be achieved when it comes to water conservation and the added bonus for businesses is that making changes to your water usage and consumption will not only boost your green credentials and yield significant environmental benefits, but help save you money at the same time. So it really is a win-win for all!

One way to immediately save water across your entire site is to compare business water suppliers and look into switching to one that serves your particular needs more effectively.

When you switch, a site audit is carried out across all your business premises, which will tell you how you use water and where, meaning you can then find the most appropriate water-saving solutions to suit your operations.

It also means that your bills will be reviewed and monitored to identify spikes in usage, which could suggest that you have a leak somewhere onsite. Repairs can then be organised immediately, reducing wastage.

From a financial perspective, switching suppliers can see you reduce your water bills by anything between ten and 18 per cent, so it can help save you a pretty penny, as well.

There’s also a lot you can encourage your staff members to do, and raising awareness of water efficiency and just how important it is will only be of benefit, sure to save you even more water across your site. Use strategically positioned water efficiency posters around the building, for example, perhaps over the sink in any kitchen areas to remind people of their responsibilities.

Also think about changing the facilities themselves and bring in more energy-efficient appliances. You could invest in aerated shower and tap heads, which can reduce water use, while dual-flush toilets can also prove very beneficial in this regard, as well.

According to Water Plus, even making just a couple of little changes across your business could see you use 20 per cent less water or even more.

Other tips to help you save water include fitting water butts, or perhaps installing a rainwater harvesting system to really cut down on usage.

If you’re interested in switching supplier but aren’t sure where to begin, get in touch with us at SwitchWaterSupplier.com today.

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