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Sir Trevor McDonald Voices New WaterAid Advert

A new WaterAid advert has been released highlighting water shortages around the world, with Sir Trevor McDonald doing the voiceover.

The animation, “The Girl Who Built A Rocket” tells the tale of a young Madagascan girl called Fara, who dreams of being an astronaut and tries to fly to Mars after learning that water has been discovered there, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

WaterAid figures show that 785 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water near where they live.

Mass engagement director at the organisation Johnty Gray explained that the animation is part of its journey towards change where its advertising is concerned, “as we seek different ways to engage people in the global water crisis and represent the communities in which we work”.

Sir Trevor was quoted by the news source as saying, “I have reported on some extraordinary feats of human endeavour over my long career as a journalist and newsreader; and yet something as apparently simple as ensuring everyone everywhere has access to clean water, still evades us.”  He went on to say, “I was astounded when I learned that a staggering 785 million people worldwide do not have clean water close to home.”

In Madagascar itself, Fara the astronaut’s home country, almost half the 25 million people who live there already have no access to clean water, following three years of drought in a row. In the capital, Antananarivo, the last six months have seen erratic water supplies, with drought seeing water levels in reservoirs, rivers and streams, which has put even more pressure on groundwater supplies. Poor water management has also resulted in unregulated agricultural and industrial use.

Head of programmes at WaterAid Madagascar Hantaniaina Rabesandratana explained that this three-year drought clearly illustrates that climate change effects are already being experienced by some of the poorest people in the world. She called for urgent investment in services including decent toilets, clean water and good hygiene to protect local communities in the future.

Water stress and scarcity truly is a global issue and one that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Even in the UK, with its famously wet climate, we are expected to see water shortages within as little as ten years’ time, so we all have our part to play in protecting natural water resources.

The good news is that there’s a lot that can be achieved when it comes to saving water. One of the first steps that you, as a company, could take is looking into changing your business water supplier.

This means that an audit of your site will be carried out so you can identify where you use water and how, as well as finding any leaks onsite so you can reduce wastage and become more water efficient. This will help conserve water resources, as well as saving you money.

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