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Water Companies Called On To Protect UK’s Water Supplies

Environment minister Rebecca Pow has called on the chief executives of 15 water suppliers from around the UK to further prioritise the environment and water stewardship, especially where chalk streams, storm overflows, leakage and water resources are concerned.

Back in July, a joint letter was issued to suppliers, urging them to focus on investment to aid the green economic recovery from the global pandemic. Although leakage rates have been improved over the last few years, the government still wants to see rates halved by the year 2050.

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“Water companies need to take their environmental obligations seriously and this impetus must come from the top. Despite investment from the industry, the damage inflicted on our environment – our rivers, lakes, streams and the wildlife that rely on them – is still far too great. Today, we discussed a number of issues I feel strongly about, including storm overflows, and how we can work together to see much more ambitious improvements. This country’s green recovery from coronavirus can only happen if water companies step up and play their part.” Ms Pow said.

Water companies need to take their environmental obligations seriously and this impetus must come from the top.

The country’s chalk streams are still at risk of poor water quality, unsustainable abstraction and low flows, with suppliers now being encouraged to raise ambitions to improve catchments. And where storm flows are concerned, it’s vital that the volume of sewage that is discharged into rivers and other waterways during extreme weather is reduced. To help drive down the frequency and volume of these incidents, a new taskforce has now been set up.

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