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Water bill validation is an absolute must for non household water customers

Like most businesses and organisations, you probably assume your water, wastewater and trade effluent bills are correct?


Well unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. As the reality is 1,000s of non household customers are being overcharged on a daily basis, and even those that are not today, an overcharge is very likely further down the line.


Water market deregulation has brought many challenges, resulting in incorrect wholesale market data.

Data which the water retail companies rely on to enable them to bill their customers.


So it figures if the wholesale water market data is incorrect then the bills customers receive will also be incorrect.


That said, when water retailers change, modify or improve their billing systems there are often issues which result in incorrect bills sent out to customers and for the larger customers say those in manufacturing and production or multi site customers the overcharges can be significant.


A case in point, water consultants H2O Building Services completed a water audit for a residential care home having switched water supplier saving £85,000 over the water supply contract period and the water audit revealed an overcharge of £35,000 over 6 years resulting in an annual saving of £5,000.

Had this customer had a water bill validation service in place then this overcharge would have been identified much sooner.

So as you can see, billing errors can lead to discrepancies that run into overcharges of thousands of pounds.


In this particular case, the overcharge was as a direct result of the water wholesale market data being incorrect and as the water retailer raises bills against the wholesale data it was not the fault of the retailer.


“With the complex nature of your water, wastewater and trade effluent bill and its many tariffs and fees, it’s easy for new charges to become buried deep within the details of your monthly statement, where they will likely go unnoticed”


Having a designated water bill validation expert validating bills as they arrive to ensure all charges are correct before authorising payment pays dividends for all non household customers.

Its an insurance policy against incorrect charges creeping through and having a financial impact on the bottom line.


So how can SwitchWaterSupplier.com help ?


Would your business or organisation like to take advantage of a water bill validation and bureau service to ensure existing charges are correct?

Providing ongoing monitoring and validation.

To ensure that any billing errors are dealt with quickly and resolved.

In addition, a detailed water and wastewater billing database is compiled and maintained.

Historial billing data is centralised and accessible in a digital format and the data can be used for water and wastewater management projects, and can be invaluable to support sustainability projects to enable carbon reduction and sustainability targets are being achieved.


For more information on water bill validation services call 03300552532  or email hello@switchwatersupplier.com