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“SwitchWaterSupplier.com saved my business”

SwitchWaterSupplier.com is the UK’s only business water switching site that tenders business water supply contracts to the whole water retail market.


This is the only way for businesses and the public sector to obtain the best value deal on their water and wastewater supply cost, and then switch water supplier.

Governed by OFWAT’s voluntary codes of conduct, developed and managed by industry leading water experts, the platform is now facilitating water supply contracts from £20,000 up to £10m for single site and multi site customers from all industries. From schools colleges, manufacturing and production sites through to leisure, property management companies and the public sector crown estates.


With a pipeline of £55 million worth of water retail contracts and  growing, in addition to a growing customer base tapping into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the water efficiency and sustainability sectors  .


SwitchWaterSupplier.com is not just a business water switching business, when customers have switched (or even before they switch or can switch) they then engage with the water audit teams within the business to reduce water consumption and wastewater discharges, as more businesses strive to achieve their sustainability targets and now include water as well as energy.


The business has also drawn significant interest from the energy broker and energy consultancy markets as customers demand water consultancy services such as water audits, water bill validation and water switching services, the energy consultancy market lacks the high degree of water industry expertise that is required.


Also, the SwitchWaterSupplier.com platform is totally unique and the only business of its kind in the water retail market today, which is a perfect addition to the energy markets, adding value to those businesses and their customers.

Its designed with strategic partnerships in mind. The business reports over 60 strategic partnerships on its books with significant interest from the energy, sustainability, procurement and environmental sectors.

SWS.com is the fastest growing digital water business since water market deregulation, allowing non domestic customers to switch water supplier in search of a better deal.


More recently the business is reporting increases in business water customers seeking water consultancy support due to problems with their water bills and unresolved water billing issues with their water retailer.


These billing issues are extremely challenging for both customers and the wider water retail market.


The Water Retail Market Director of SWS.com Nicky Mann has recently completed a complex case of high incorrect charging placing the customers business in an extremely challenging situation. This was also challenging for the water retailer so much so they were locked into legal exchanges, resulting in late payment fees and interest on top of the substantial water bills.


The business contacted SwitchWaterSupplier.com having been advised to do so, the case commenced during May 2021 and has only just been concluded 1 year and 8 months later.


All of the bills were credited and rebilled correctly back to 2017 and charges going forwards were reduced, had SWS.com not taken on the case both customer and water retailer would have ended up in court.

Now all billing issues have been resolved amicably and the customer as was kind enough to put pen to paper and here is what he said.


“SwitchWaterSupplier.com saved my business


During the Pandemic we received a significant invoice from our Water Supplier. We obviously needed to understand how an invoice for a such significant amount could have occurred . We received no clarity or information as to why and how these charges had accrued. The supplier was threatening in just wishing to legal action for the sums owed


Myself and my team struggled to understand the invoicing and how the charges occurred and felt extremely overwhelmed as this issue hung over our business


By chance we were introduced to Nicky & Graham Mann from SwitchWaterSupplier.com who basically were able to take the matter off our hands and to communicate directly with our supplier. They also provided tremendous support as our supplier was aggressive to say the least


On the 14th May 2021 SwitchWaterSupplier.com began investigating our case and as a result found out we had been incorrectly invoiced and challenged our supplier. The supplier eventually agreed to amend and reduce our invoices however it did take us until February 2023 to agree. With the tenacity/knowledge and patience of SwitchWaterSupplier.com we won the day and saved my business”


Are you looking to switch water supplier? Do you have water billing issues with your existing water retailer, or just want to reduce your water costs call 03300 552 532 or email nicky.mann@switchwatersupplier.com 



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