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How Gritting Company AA Salt Intends To Go Carbon Neutral.

A gritting and snow clearance company from Worcestershire has revealed its plans to go carbon neutral by 2030, with various strategies in place to help it achieve its lofty goal.

AA Salt, which grits and snow ploughs car parks and access roads over the winter months, will soon be installing a new wash bay onsite that will see its vehicle fleet cleaned using harvested rainwater, the Worcester News reports.

Apparently, approximately 50,000 litres of rainwater will be collected from the roof of its storage warehouse each year, which can then be used in place of valuable mains water supplies.

Rainwater harvesting systems are great options for saving water and can be used for a wide range of applications, whether you use it for toilet flushing and vehicle washing, or something like laundry and process water.

Such systems will be able to help you reduce your bills and your water consumption, easily tailored to suit your budget, size and specification requirements of your business to make sure they work efficiently for you.

AA Salt also intends to purchase its first electric lorry next year, with the ambition in place to make the entire fleet battery-powered inside the next decade.

AA Salt’s sales and operations director, Ben Tanner, said “We have already made sizeable investments into our environmental approach but our ten-year target is about going one step further and really committing to helping the environment over the long-term. It is about small changes that can make a big difference, which includes our water harvesting plans with our wash bay.  He went on to say “Electric vehicles are also the future and as long as we can buy electricity from a renewable supplier, and the automotive industry can keep up with demand, we want 100 per cent of our fleet to be battery-powered”.

If you and your business have similar ambitions and are keen to become as sustainable as possible over the next few years, you may want to think about changing your business water supplier, as this is one of the most effective ways of both saving water and slashing your bills significantly.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with switching, including seeing improved cost savings through better tariffs from a different retailer, enjoying better service levels and more accurate billing, and finding a supplier with more expertise or capacity in dealing with organisations in your specific industry.

It can be difficult to know how to switch, however, since the English water retail market is still in its infancy, only opening up back in April 2017. If you’re struggling with finding the right supplier for you or are overwhelmed by the process and its complexities, get in touch with SwitchWaterSupplier.com today to see how we can help.