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£4,000 Water Bill For Shop – Despite Being Closed During Lockdown!

A shop owner from Leicester has found himself facing a water bill totalling £3,894, despite the fact that the business was shut for months during the first lockdown at the start of the year.

Upon investigation, Billy Rayat, the owner of Kings Audio in North Evington, found that his last meter reading in August indicated that 1,696 units of water had been used, but it is still showing the same reading even now, the Leicester Mercury reports.

It was initially suggested that there might be a leak somewhere onsite, but despite revealing the problem with both the bill and meter, Mr Rayat was asked by Water Plus to pay the full amount while the problem was being investigated.

“I have had the property for 12 years and my water bill has always been between £90 and £120 per quarter so this £3,894 just seems horrendous and a bit odd,” he observed, going on to add “I was told when I rang previously that I would be heavily charged if an engineer had to be sent out to check the meter. I have emailed them to say that I won’t be paying the £3,894 bill because it’s not right but I have not heard anything back since.”

A Water Plus spokesperson apologised for the fact that Mr Rayat had received such a large bill, confirming that the company is now looking into the matter, with the account now being put on hold.

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