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Help Tackle The Climate Crisis By Planting Trees!

The climate crisis is deepening all around us and we all have our part to play in reducing the impact we have on the planet. There’s a lot that businesses can do to make a very significant difference, no matter how big or small they are, or what industry or sector they’re in.


Where water is concerned, one of the best ways you can help reduce your usage and consumption, thus safeguarding resources for the future, is to compare business water suppliers. This can identify any weak areas across your site, allowing you to bring in water-saving solutions where necessary – and it helps save you money, as well.


As well as looking into the switching process, you might also want to consider planting some trees if you have the space available, with the government having just launched the new England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO), designed to incentivise landowners and land managers to start planting and support diverse woodland types at different scales.


The EWCO grant scheme is due to open in late spring this year, part of government plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It is intended to help bend the curve of biodiversity loss and create thousands of green jobs, while helping people to connect better with nature as the UK recovers from the coronavirus crisis.


Over its lifetime, the scheme plans to support the creation of more than 10,000 hectares of new woodland over its lifetime, focusing funding mainly on native broadleaf woodlands at a large scale, while supporting well-designed majority conifer and mixed woodlands.


The offer is a flexible one, with landowners permitted to create woodland that meets both their own objectives and those of the government. It also provides additional incentive for the creation of new broadleaves woodlands, particularly those that benefit water habitats, provides access to the public or which extend existing priority woodlands.


Tree planting is a brilliant way to safeguard water resources for the future, with trees capturing huge amounts of rainwater each year – water that would otherwise fall to the ground and become runoff, instead of being stored and used.


Trees also keep water out of sewers and can help prevent flooding, as well as reducing the amount of pollution that makes its way into our waterways – which will become increasingly important as the impacts of climate change are felt increasingly over the coming years.


Other environmental benefits of tree planting include lowering air temperatures and purifying the air, filtering out pollution by trapping smoke, ash, dust and more on the surface of the leaves, as well as absorbing ozone and nitrogen oxides.


Do you want to find out how you could make your business more eco-friendly now and well into the future? Get in touch with the team at SwitchWaterSupplier.com to see what we can do.