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Government Publishes Plans For Better, Fairer Farming System

The government has set out its plans to build a better, fairer system for farming in England, detailing the changes that will be introduced over a period of seven years to help those in the industry adapt and plan for the future.


The Path to Sustainable Farming roadmap details how a new system will be introduced that is more tailored to the interests of English farmers once the country is no longer in the EU and bound by the Common Agricultural Policy, centring on support that rewards farmers and land managers for sustainable practices in farming.


The aim is to make sure that by 2028, farmers will be able to produce healthy food profitably without subsidy, while working to improve the environment and animal health and welfare, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Key changes featured in the roadmap include introducing an environmental land management scheme to help incentivise sustainable farming practices and establishing new woodland to help address climate change issues.


It also includes reducing direct payments fairly, starting from the 2021 Basic Payment Scheme year. Money released will be used to fund new schemes and grants to boost productivity and reward improvements that benefit the environment.


A Farming Investment Fund is also set to be launched, with applications open from next year, with the aim being to support innovation and productivity. Grants will be on offer for equipment, technology and infrastructure for the future.


Chair of Natural England Tony Juniper commented: “This plan marks an historic shift in the way we manage our land, setting us on course toward the production of sustainable food at the same time as rising to the urgent task if halting and reversing the decline of nature.


“More than two-thirds of England is farmed and this plan paves the way for those who manage the land to produce healthy food alongside other vital benefits, such as carbon storage, clean water, reduced flood risk, thriving wildlife and beautiful landscapes for everyone to enjoy.”


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