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You can now compare business water suppliers

The open water market opened April 2017, which means the water market was deregulated allowing none household customers to compare business water suppliers in order to reduce their water bills and get a better deal.

Why pay more!


Many businesses have not switched water supplier and still pay default charges which means they are paying far more than they need to, especially in the light of the water wholesaler increases which is on average 20 percent nationally.


Recent studies have shown 60 percent of businesses are either unaware they can switch or simply not engaged with the water retail market, for whatever reason it’s a fact switching water supplier reduces your water bills !


So what are the benefits of comparing business water suppliers?


Reduced water and wastewater bills this is just the start, there are those businesses that are completely unaware they can switch water supplier and for those that have switched some 3 years ago would definitely benefit from testing the water market as there are without doubt better deals to be had.


Another and most important benefit of comparing business water suppliers is to take advantage of added value services by commissioning a water audit.

In the hands of water industry expects you may find very often businesses have been overcharged by their water supplier and there are literally 1,000’s of businesses due back £Millions in rebates due to historical overcharging.

A water audit will identify savings and refunds due to you.

So not only will you get a better value deal but also the potential of reducing your water bills going forwards and bank a refund to boot!


So how do you compare business water rates ?


There is only one way you can truly compare business water rates and compare the whole market.

It is to use the UK’s only business water rates comparison switching site SwitchWaterSupplier.com as there are 20 plus retailer companies in the water retail market and with others due to enter the market, if they are successful in being awarded a water retail licence by the water regulator OFWAT

So you will only secure the best value deal by giving all water retailers the opportunity to pitch for your business.

All other business water comparison websites claim they will get you the best value deal, however, they will not tell you that they only deal with one water retailer, that is a dishonest approach that amounts to miss selling!


SwitchWaterSupplier.com is the ONLY platform that tenders 1 or any number of sites at the same time and gives all water retailers the opportunity to quote for your water supply contract, that is real competition!

Designed and developed by leading water industry experts and fully supported by the water retail market, governed by the water regulator OFWAT’s Codes of Conduct.

In addition, the platform will also provide your business with a water audit report identifying possible further water bill savings and refunds.


So if you want to compare business water suppliers and claim possible money back get in touch – We are here to help with all of your non-domestic enquiries 03300552532 or email  hello@switchwatersupplier.com


“Switching made simple”