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Yorkshire Water Investing £1 Million In Hawes To Protect Water Supplies

Yorkshire Water has announced that it will be investing more than £1 million in Hawes and the surrounding area, as part of plans to strengthen the existing pipe network and ensure that water supplies in the region are protected for future generations.


Work is set to begin on 4km of new clean water mains, brought forward because of the national lockdown that was announced for November to help reduce the impact on local businesses.


Customer liaison advisor with the water supplier Mark Allsop said: “We’re working closely with the North Yorkshire County Council to make sure that work to instate the new pipes causes as little disruption as possible.


“In order to complete the updates, our team will be working in the centre of Hawes, so that we can complete as much work as possible before the lockdown ends and minimise disruption to the many retail and hospitality businesses in the area.”


The water supplier is now also well on its way to achieve its carbon net zero goals by 2030, setting out a route map to reach this milestone in the next ten years.


This will build on the progress the water industry has made in the last few years to address the issue of climate change, with Yorkshire Water – the second largest landowner in the country – already investing heavily in both sustainable land management and biodiversity.


Part of its focus is nature-based carbon reduction solutions, a strategy that includes the likes of planting a million trees around the region to offset carbon use and provide natural flood management benefits, as well as new recreation opportunities and protecting local wildlife.


Thus far, the company has seen an 80 per cent reduction in operational carbon emissions, as well as making serious investment in anaerobic digestion technologies to create renewable energy from sewage sludge, energy that is then used to power its sites.


Head of sustainability at Yorkshire Water Gordon Rogers observed that organisations everywhere now have to come together to deliver nature-based solutions “at scale and pace”, adding that the water sector is well placed to push this movement forward, alongside the government and the Environment Agency.


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