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What Could Yorkshire’s Reservoirs Look Like In 50 Years?

While it can be difficult to imagine that the UK could be hit with serious water shortages in the near future, thanks to our famously damp climate and rainy weather, experts are still predicting that we could start seeing demand outstrip supply in as little as the next 25 years.


And to help people understand the gravity of the situation, Yorkshire Water has just published an immersive 360 degree video showing what the region’s reservoirs could look like in 50 years’ time, if current predictions are correct.


The water supplier has predicted that it will see 100 million litres less in its daily supply by the year 2045 and, although nearly 50 per cent of Yorkshire locals are worried about water shortages, one in ten don’t believe they will become apparent for another 100 years.


In order to address future challenges where water is concerned, the company has published a water resources management plan, looking at how it will handle the effects of hotter, drier weather because of climate change and an increased population.


Key aspects included in the plan are focusing on water leak detection and repair, trialling new technologies that can find leaks quicker as part of a commitment to reduce leaks from the network by 50 per cent by 2050. It’s also looking at how best to engage with customers to help them become more water efficient.


The top ways that people can save water were identified as turning taps off while brushing teeth, having showers instead of baths, ensuring washing machines have full loads, using watering cans instead of hoses and only washing the car when necessary.


Martin Christmas, Yorkshire environment manager for the Environment Agency, commented on the findings, saying: “What we do with water and how much we use directly impacts people and the environment, including many of the places we care most about – our rivers, lakes and coastal waters.


“We need to be careful with our water supply. With the weather we experience in the UK it’s easy to think there’s enough to go round, but when you factor in the effects of climate change and population growth, there is a very real risk of water shortages by 2050. Every individual can make a difference; changing some of our daily habits can play a critical role in protecting our water resources.”


Organisations in Yorkshire and elsewhere around the UK keen to reduce their own water footprint even further can make significant inroads in this regard by changing business water suppliers, with benefits including better service levels, cost savings through better tariffs, more accurate billing and finding a supplier with more expertise in your particular industry.


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