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UK Businesses and Public Sector to be hit by huge rises in water bills from 1st April 2023 up to 20 percent !

The news we in the water market have been waiting for, increases in water bills, and lets not forget the wastewater bills.


There were expectations in the market of above inflation increases and the water suppliers certainly delivered on expectations.


If your business is in the Anglian Water region the wholesale water charges are up 16.7 percent. If you factor in the water retail charges on top of that it would certainly tip the scales at up to 20 percent increase.

Then there are the wastewater or sewerage charges up 8.2 percent again factor in the water retail margin and you are looking at 10 percent plus.


Businesses supplied by Thames Water will be hit for sure as Thames Water wholesale charges for water are up 15.2 percent plus the retail margin and again you are tipping the scales at 20 percent. Then the wastewater which are up 11.1 percent, add the retail margin makes this a possible 15 percent increase.


The implications of the increases will vary due to the geographical locations of businesses as charges do vary quite considerably for example: –


United Utilities – metered charges are up 8.4 percent and measured sewerage charges 13.8 percent. Then there are surface water and highways drainage charges in addition to your metered water and wastewater charges. These charges are for collection and the disposal of rainwater that lands on your roofs, paths and private roads that discharge to United Utilities wastewater systems.

These charges are dependant on the measured site area of your property, the larger the site area the more you pay. These charges are increasing by 8.4 percent for surface water and highways drainage.


Manufacturing and production companies will see their trade effluent charges increase, at the top end in Anglians Water up 15.3 percent. This is the waste water discharged to water company sewers delivered from water used in production processes such as waste products, cleaning down and waste from production processes.


Check out the full list of measured wholesale charges at the bottom of this page, who is your wholesale provider?

Don’t forget these are wholesale charges so to ascertain the increases you’ll need to add an average water retail margin and if you haven’t switched water supplier you will be paying on default charges, the water retail margin will be much higher and you could be talking 10-12 percent default retail margin in England  and in Scotland much higher.


So why pay more ? and what action could you take to make a difference and off set the prices increases?


The latest round of increases in water bills will pile on more pressure on the bottom line of all business and public sector organisations.


If your business or organisation has not switched water supplier or your existing supply contract is up for renewal now or very soon, now is the time to go out to the water market and tender your water, wastewater and trade effluent supply contract on the UK’s only business water rates comparison site. It’s independant, impartial and transparent and governed by OFWAT’s Voluntary Customer Codes of Conduct

Send us your water billing data and this will be uploaded onto the platform and sent out to all water retailers who have a licence with requests to pitch for your water supply contract on a live tender platform which will compare business water supplier.

Whether your sites are in Scotland or England the platform will run tenders in any water company region to all business water suppliers @ SwitchWaterSupplier.com

Both business and public sector organisations need not worry about uploading their water billing data as a team of water industry experts will do this for you.

All you need to do is supply either copy bills of the billing data including the supply point IDs (SPIDS).


Wait a minute – what are spids ?


Spid stands for supply point identifier (or supply point ID) it is a reference number that tells the water supplier and the water retail company which water supply belongs to which business or organisation


SwitchWaterSupplier.com was developed and now managed by a team of water industry experts, with decades of water industry knowledge and expertise, focused on  reducing water and wastewater costs for your business or organisation.


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