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The word is out! UK Businesses and Public Sector to face another significant increase in water bills

This year Southern Water take the prize for the largest increase in metered water bills.


Last year 11.6 percent but this year 18.3 percent.

Wastewater charges last year 10.1 percent and this year 13.1 percent.


These are significant but not unexpected water bill increases and further emphasis the need to tender water supply contracts for a better deal, and then strive to reduce water consumption by engaging in water efficiency and water management.

Saving of 30 percent can often be achieved, this is the message from Graham Mann, Director of Switchwatersupplier.com


United Utilities charges are up on last year also with the water this year up 9.2 percent and the wastewater charges up by 12.6 percent.

The dreaded surface water and highways drainage charges are up by 9.7 percent

Trade effluent charges are also up by 13 percent.


When the water retail fee is factored in again this year the overall increases are significant.


Check out the full list of price increases at the bottom of this page for all water wholesalers in England. These are the wholesale water and wastewater price increases, then there is a water retail margin added to the wholesale charge which varies.


Have you switched water supplier ?


If not you will be charged on default tariffs so will pay more than on a switch contract.


If your business or organisation has not switched water supplier, or your existing water supply contract is up for renewal now or soon, this is an opportune time to review your water bills.

Time to go out and tender to the whole market at the same time with just a click of a mouse!

So where can I go to switch and get a better deal?


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