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Talking Water With Graham Mann Director Switchwatersupplier.com

Graham Mann Director of Business Water Switching site Switchwatersupplier.com and David Easson of Yorkshire Podcast Studio discuss how non domestic customers can switch water supplier to get a better deal on their water and wastewater charges from their existing water supplier as many businesses are unaware they can switch water supplier.


Customers may want to switch as they are experiencing poor customer service, or they are just looking to make savings on their water bills.


The business water switching platform is unique in the Water Retail Market as the customers water supply contracts are sent out to all water retailers to bid for their water supply contract on a live tendering platform.


Graham and David discuss how the platform works and the benefits of switching water supplier, and how simple it is to switch.


Dispelling the customer perception that switching water supplier is too complicated, or the effort in switching is not worth the savings returns.


This is just one of a series of podcasts from SwitchWaterSupplier.com.

In future podcasts Graham Mann will be answering questions sent in from the audience so if you have any questions relating to water bills, switching water supplier, unresolved billing issues or anything water related the Email graham.mann@switchwatersupplier.com to take part in our future Talking Water discussions.


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