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Talking Water Episode 3 with Graham Mann, Director of SwitchWaterSupplier.com

During Talking Water episode 3 Graham Mann and David Easson explore various aspects of how the Business Water Switching Platform works in more detail, and some of the key benefits of switching business water supplier we are not just a business switching site!



So, you have just switched water supplier, are your charges correct going forwards, the answer may well Surprise you!

A £60,000 overcharge how is this?

It happens very often in the water retail market, and when it does our water audit team correct the wholesale market data to ensure your water retailer charges you against the correct market data going forwards, so customers are secure in the knowledge that our customers water bills are correct.


Did you know the platform was designed so that Energy brokers and Energy consultants can tender their customers water supply contracts and access to the WHOLE water market in a competitive and expertly managed environment, governed by the water regulator OFWATS Voluntary Codes Of Conduct.

Sustainability is a key focus of Switchwatersupplier.com, switching is just the start of a sustainability journey, driving down water consumption and wastewater discharge and monitoring consumption and maintaining savings going forwards.


Oh, and yes David and I had a giggle recording this episode, so we hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the studio session.


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Many thanks to David Easson of Yorkshire Podcast Studios in Leeds in the making of this video production


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