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SwitchWaterSupplier.Com – The UK’s First Independent- Impartial Business Water Switching Site That Will Compare Water Suppliers

England’s £3 billion water market was deregulated in April 2017, meaning that non-domestic customers were able to switch water supplier for the first time ever, allowing them to reduce their water and wastewater bills, and find a supplier better suited to their own specific operational needs.


However, the process of switching isn’t easy or simple, especially for businesses that have never tried to find their own water supplier before.


And with historical overcharges on water bills a real problem for the industry, to the tune of millions, many customers seem to have lost confidence in the water market, so engagement with the switching process is very low and activity in the water retail market hasn’t met its expectations, as a result.


To help cut through the complex barriers that customers face with switching, SwitchWaterSupplier.com set out to become the first completely independent and impartial water retail contract tendering platform – a true one of a kind in the industry.


It offers the features necessary to allow customers to manage their water estates free of charge at the point of use and approach the entire water retail market for quotes for their onward water contracts.


The business aims to be the only partner for water-related matters that organisations should ever need, providing other value-added services such as water audits, water bill validation, site surveys, water efficiency surveys and water leak detection and repair to meet the sustainability targets that are so important to the climate and our environment right now.


Set up by director Graham Mann, who has been working in the water industry for more than 25 years and who is also senior partner with sister business H2o Building Services, which finds customers the best solutions to water utility and sewerage problems, with a focus on water bill reduction through provision of a complete water management service.


Mr Mann said: “I purchased all the water industry key domain names three years ago, as I recognised there would be an opportunity and a year ago the time was right. I discussed this with Tim Guest from Contedia, our IT partners that have supplied all our software and IT solutions for H2o Building Services over the last 20 years, and we jointly funded and developed the UK’s first live tendering water retail procurement platform,


We are now uploading Water Retail contracts over £1M with a growing pipeline of cumulative and individual Water Retail contracts of between £3M to £8M we are well on the way to transacting £20M a month by summer of next year and boasts global brands as clients,the engagement from the water retail market has been significant with many water retail suppliers having worked with us proposing new features and improvements their continuous input is invaluable to us in creating the most significant water industry innovation since water deregulation in April 2007


Mann goes onto say-not only are we reducing water costs through smart water supply procurement we are also engaging with customers in water and wate water efficiency projects working with customers to reduce their water consumption and waste water discharges to the environment.


Many customers are simply not aware that savings on average are around 30 per cent and by reducing water and waste water volumes these customers are also reducing their Carbon Footprint its win win for both customers and our environment now that’s good business!


The service has received praise from many quarters, with Switch Water Supplier fast becoming the only place for customers to start their journey of everything related to water, wastewater and water efficiency.


“Join Us On The Journey” To reducing your water bills and your Carbon Footprint