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SwitchWaterSupplier.com Launches UK’s First Human Hologram Messaging System

Switch Water Supplier (SWS) is proud to announce that it has launched the UK’s first human hologram messaging systems on its website, in partnership with 2mee, a company that helps brands stand out online and really engage with their target audiences.


If you head to our homepage now, you’ll be able to see our hologram in all its glory in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. She explains exactly what we as a company do, so you can gain an immediate understanding of what we can achieve for you and your business.


There’s a lot of psychology behind the 2mee messaging system and how it works, but it’s mainly down to something called emotional intelligence, helping web visitors to feel more comfortable and engaged, thanks to the sight of another human face on the site.


Normal text and video messaging can’t achieve this, which is why we’re so pleased to be the first to make use of this new and innovative messaging system.


If you’ve listened to what our hologram has to say, you no doubt have a much better idea of what SWS can do for you – helping you to compare business water suppliers and find a retailer that suits the needs of your company more effectively than the one you’re currently with.


The English retail water market opened up back in April 2017, bringing it in line with other energy markets and allowing you to choose your own supplier for the first time ever. There are all sorts of benefits associated with switching, but one of the main ones is being able to take advantage of more competitive pricing and value-added services.


If you have a non-household water supply, with annual bills of £5,000 or above, you should be able to switch. Because we’ve designed our tendering and switching services around the needs of you, our business customer, as well as those of the water retailers, it’s never been easier to request competitive quotes for water, wastewater and trade effluent services.


To get started, you need to register your business with us and set up an account using our switching portal. Once your account is set up, we’ll send you an email so you can log in and complete your profile.


Once this is done, you can add the details of your property portfolio. Make sure you have your existing water bills close to hand in order to provide the necessary information, but we’re here to help with this if you need some advice or guidance.


From there, you’re ready to set up a tender, including any mandatory response questions to help you review and weigh up all retailer responses. Retailers will be able to submit responses and offer you quotes and, once the tender ends, you can then review these and choose your preferred option.