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What is the Open Water Market and how will it affect your business ?

So what is the Open Water Market ? 


The open water market means none residential customers such as businesses and charities are able to change their water and waste water provider, giving more choice to none residential customers.


When did the water market open and become deregulated ?


Perhaps you missed it but the open water market was deregulated in April 2017 allowing all none residential customers to Switch Water Supplier.


The idea being if customers were unhappy with their existing supplier or for whatever reason for example poor service, unresolved complaints or even to obtain a better deal and reduce their water bills going forwards, much the same as you would do with your gas and electric bills you can shop around to get a better deal.


There are over 1.2 million none household customers in England and Scotland. A large proportion of which would benefit from switching water supplier to a more or lesser degree, but taking advantage of the competitive water market created by the open water market is great for customers and the environment.


So if you are unhappy with your water supplier for whatever reason you don’t have to suffer in silence vote with your feet and switch water supplier!


How do you go about switching water supplier ?


Well you could visit the water regulator OFWAT website and navigate your way around identifying which water suppliers to contact which is a long and tedious way of doing things.


Or on the other hand search google and enter SwitchWaterSupplier.com which is the only independent, impartial and transparent business water comparison site in the UK.

Email hello@switchwatersupplier.com or call  03300552532 and a water industry expert will email / call you to discuss your requirements.


How does the water switching platform work?


  1. You provide us with copies of your last water and waste water bills.
  2. We upload your water account billing details.
  3. Your account details are sent out to all the water retail companies who are invited to submit prices and details of their additional water services on a live tender platform for 60 minutes. During that time the water retailers can change their prices at any time until the tender period ends.
  4. Once the 60 minutes tender is complete we will send you the tender report and discuss the offers, answering any questions you may have.
  5. You choose your supplier of choice and we do the switch on your behalf.
  6. Your account will be managed by a leading water industry expert at all times.


Added value benefits.


Your bills will be audited to ensure charges from your previous water retailer were correct, if not we will claim back the overcharges on your behalf, you will receive a refund and the charges will be correct going forwards, who else will do that for you?


If you need further water efficiency advice or need guidance on any water, waste water or trade effluent matter just ask your account manager who is on hand to help you.


Switching water supplier is simple with SwitchWaterSupplier.com the ONLY water retail procurement platform of its kind in the UK, developed and managed by water and waste water industry experts.