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Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival On For October!

Northumbrian Water has announced that the fifth Innovation Festival is set to go ahead this year, taking place between October 18th and 21st, an event that is aimed at resolving environmental and societal challenges.


The four-day affair is being held in a hybrid format for 2021 in order to minimise the impact of any lockdown restrictions that may crop up in the future, with thousands of delegates from all over the world coming together for workshops, activities, design sprints and more to help solve issues such as sustainability, world water poverty and net zero carbon.


Those in attendance will also be able to enjoy a range of different activities, including guest speakers, live comedy, tech demos, STEM sessions and cookalongs. The plan is for innovators to gather together in smaller hubs and work on projects in that way, feeding them into the overarching digital event.


Information services director at Northumbrian Water Group Nigel Watson said: “Where we can, we’ll have people physically working together back in shared spaces and alongside one another co-creating safely, which will be fantastic to see.


“And with the digital side of the festival we can also add festival goers from anywhere across the world into the mix. We saw the benefits of this last year when we had people from lots of different continents, and time zones, taking part in our sprints. It was fantastic to see and brought a whole other dimension to our thinking and ideas.”


Since the festival was first launched back in 2017, more than 9,500 people have been in attendance from over 37 countries. In all, 40 universities across the UK have participated in previous festivals, while over 2,500 school pupils have been involved in Festival STEAM activities.


This year’s theme is The Brilliant Get-Together, which Mr Watson said would see a “brilliant gathering of amazing people from all corners of the globe, coming together to innovate and help play their part in changing the world”.


In fact, we all have our part to play when it comes to driving environmental change and it’s essential that we all become more responsible for the impact we have on the planet – especially where water is concerned.


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