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Multisite water deal – Cut out the stress of dealing with multiple water retailers

Stop settling for the stress of dealing with numerous different water retailers, save time, money and effort by streamlining your estate with SwitchWaterSupplier.com


Make life simple and bring your bills together on one easy account, by consolidating all of your sites, you will  receive a great multisite offer, accurate bills and one point of contact for all your water bill queries.


Your account will be managed by water industry experts, an account Director will be appointed with a minimum of 20 years water industry experience guaranteed!


With our multisite deal, you will cut out the hassle and costs so you can spend more time on what’s important to you and your business.


By switching water supplier on our unique business water switching platform that tenders your Scottish and English water supply contract to the whole market.


With just one click  your water supply contract details are sent to all the water retailers. They receive notification and submit offers for a multisite water deal.

The water retailers are ranked according to their multisite water deal proposal and the best value deal is listed at the top of the bidding page and all other offers are listed below.

In order for the water retailer to be listed at the top, the multisite water deal must be improved, this ensures that your water supply contract is tendered in a truly competitive way, there is nothing else like it in the water retail market today.

The water retailers will pitch for your business in an independant, impartial, transparent and competitive environment.

At the end of the tender process the results are downloaded together with a free water audit report, which includes those sites where our water audit experts have identified possible  savings and refunds due to historical billing errors and offer to correct them for you.

Your water retailer won’t offer to do that for you as they are obliged to charge your business in accordance with the wholesale water and waste water data, which quite often is incorrect, but they wont know that until an audit is carried out meaning customers often pay more than they should.


The water audit teams at SwitchWaterSupplier.com have decades of experience in identifying historical overcharging, many of the water suppliers do not! and that is a fact.


When you have chosen your new water retailer from the tender list, we will arrange and manage the switch to the new water supplier, and in addition, subject to your approval, if your historical bills were incorrect we will apply to your water retailer for reduced water bills going forwards and a refund of between 1 – 13 years dependant on the type of claim.


So if you are interested in a hassle free multisite water deal, saving your business time and money and a water industry expert to look after you, and you wish to reap the benefits call 03300552532 or email hello@switchwatersupplier.com