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How To Save Water At Work

The global water crisis is deepening around us all the time and the problem will only get worse as the years progress unless action is taken – and fast.


We all have our part to play in being more sustainable where water is concerned and making sure that freshwater resources are protected for future generations… and there’s a lot that businesses can do to reduce their water footprints quite significantly indeed.


Experts are now predicting that even the UK, famous for its wet weather, could be faced with serious water shortages by 2050 unless something is done, so now’s the time to do some research and find the best water-saving solutions for your company.


One of the quickest ways to start saving water across your site is to have a water audit survey carried out across your premises. This will compare your water use, including volumes, with what you’re being charged for, so that inconsistencies can be highlighted that may have resulted in you being billed incorrectly.


An audit also means that you can find the right solutions for reducing your water usage and lowering the associated charges. It’s possible to see a 30 per cent reduction in charges for your water supply and wastewater disposal following an audit of this kind.


It’s also certainly worth providing your employers with information on the water crisis and what they can do themselves while at work to help reduce consumption. Tips could include not leaving the taps running while doing the washing-up, for example, and making sure that the dishwasher is full before it’s used.


The appliances you choose to invest in can also make a huge difference to the amount of water you use, so consider doing some research into the likes of dual-flush toilets, aerated shower and faucet heads, sensor taps and so on to see what impact these could have.


Another option is to consider installing a rainwater harvesting system onsite, as well as using greywater (non-potable water collected after it’s been used for cleaning, for example). This can be used for a range of different applications, so you can reduce your reliance on mains water supplies even further.


And finally, one of the best ways to reduce the water footprint of your business is to focus on water leak detection and repair. Did you know that three billion litres of water is lost through leakage in England each and every day?


You may be contributing to this without even knowing about it, since the majority of leaks take place hidden below ground or are so small that they’re barely noticeable. You may not even know you have one until you see a big spike in your water bills! If you’d like any help or advice relating to your water consumption, get in touch with SwitchWaterSupplier.com today.