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How important is a company code of conduct to your business when Switching Water Supplier ?

The question is how important is a company code of conduct to your business?


So what is a company code of conduct ?


A company code of conduct is a written document, normally published on the company website which sets out a number of principles that the relevant company commits itself to follow.


What is the purpose of a code of conduct?


The purpose is to provide you with a clear and published understanding of the overall standard of conduct the business and its staff are expected to work to.

The code places an obligation to all staff to conduct themselves in accordance with the code.

In addition, its purpose is to give customers and clients the confidence and assurance that the business they deal with works to maintain high standards and instills trust with all those the business and its staff deal with on a daily basis.


How important is trust in business ?


Businesses in the water retail market such as SwitchWaterSupplier.com recognise that trust in business is the most important aspect of a successful business.


Having entered the water retail market as the UK’s only business water switching platform providing none residential customers a unique opportunity to tender their water supply contracts to the whole market at the “touch of a button” and to take advantage of a number of high value services.

Operating in a highly competitive environment which is independent, impartial and transparent.

That coupled with a company code of conduct places SwitchWaterSupplier.com streets ahead in the £3 billion water retail market, excluding many other ancillary services which enhances and supports the main services / products of the business, which increases the overall value of the water retail market many times over.

Bringing huge value to customers in both financial savings and helping customers to achieve their sustainability goals and aspirations.


So if trust is at the top of your list when looking to switch water supplier, and before deciding who you engage to work with, and a company code of conduct is important to you then why not check out the market regulator OFWATS principles for voluntary codes of conduct which SwitchWaterSupplier.com have openly embraced and adopted and then decide who to engage.