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How do non-residential customers compare business water suppliers?

If you are a non-residential customer for example a business, charity or a public sector organisation such as school, college, local authority, HM Prison Services or police force then to reduce your water bills, you can now go out to the deregulated water market for a better deal on your water and wastewater supply contract.


Indeed the driver for switching water supplier maybe not only be cost savings driven, but also a dissatisfaction with poor customer service received from the existing water retailer, or unresolved water billing issues.

9 times out of 10 this is more often the cause for customers to look for another water provider.


Business water comparison guide.


The water market was deregulated in April 2017, since then businesses have had the option to switch business water supplier to secure a better deal on their water supply costs.


So if you have not switched water supplier and signed a supplier contract on what basis are you charged ?  You will be paying on what is known as default charges, in simple terms much more than you need to pay dependant on the geographical location of your site(s).


For example, if you have sites in Scotland you could be paying in excess of 20 percent more than you need.


Where as in England the default rates are much lower 8 to 10 percent, so if your annual charges are high then the discounts you are missing out on could be quite considerable.


You also may not be aware that last year water, wastewater, trade effluent and surface water charges combined increased by a staggering 20 percent and early indications are more of the same will be dished out April 1st 2024.

Early predictions are water and wastewater will have increased by a staggering 75 percent within 4 years.


As with business energy you can compare business water suppliers to find a better deal, savings of thousands per year and improve customer service, which includes accurate and timely bills.


So how do I compare business water suppliers and switch to another water supplier – “The Water Industry Experts Guide”  


The best way to switch water supplier is to use the Uk’s only business water switching site, where you can go out to the whole water market and get the best value deal. Its free at the point of use and managed by water industry experts.


The Uk’s only business water comparison site.


Switching water supplier has never been easier!




So start a conversation with us about Switching your water supplier and email hello@switchwatersupplier.com or telephone tel:03300552532  and claim your free water audit!


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