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How do I compare business water rates ?

If you want to compare business water rates there is only 1 business water comparison site that will send your water billing data out to tender to the whole market.

This is SwitchWaterSupplier.com, this means all water retail companies that are licenced to provide water and wastewater services to business customers in the UK will be requested to participate in a live tender.

The water retail companies will pitch for your business to ensure you get the “best value deal” on a live tender auction.


So how do you compare business water rates?

SwitchWaterSupplier.com have designed and developed the UK’s only business water switching platform, designed around the needs of business water customers and the water retailers. SwitchWaterSupplier.com has been made simple, whether customers have one or 3,000 sites in both England and Scotland.

It is now easier than ever to request competitive, like for like deals for your water, wastewater and trade effluent services.


Here’s how it works:-


Register your business and create an account with our switching portal.

Now your ready to add your organisation’s property portfolio details. (you will need your existing water bills to find some of the information we need, but if you need help with this step we are on hand to do the heavy lifting or do the whole process for you).

With your property portfolio and existing supply details up to date your ready to set up a tender in just a few clicks.

If you wish you can include mandatory response questions (your frame work) against which you can review and weight retailer responses. 

Finally, your tender will go live at the agreed date and time and a window will open to retailers.


Water retailers can submit their responses and offer you the best quotes. We will liaise with the water retailer of your choice on your behalf and help the switch go smoothly.  Water industry experts are with you every step of the way.


SwitchWaterSupplier.com is NOT a water broker, T.P.I or energy broker, it is a platform developed to invite the whole market to pitch for your business and does not act as an agent for any individual or retailer. Unlike other so called business comparison sites which only act for one water retailer.

The SWS.com platform is independent, impartial and transparent and free at the point of use, governed by OFWAT’s Voluntary Codes of Conduct  and managed by water industry experts who are on hand every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to your new water retail company, they are also without you for the whole period of your switch contract for any help or advise you may need.


As an additional added value service you will also receive a water audit report which will identify savings and refunds due to historical billing errors through your previous supplier, and also identify other areas of potential savings using water bill validation.

As like most people you probably assume that your business is being accurately billed by your water retail company, however water market deregulation brought many challenges resulting in incorrect wholesale market data, which the water retailers must use to raise customer bills.


Common billing errors can lead to discrepancies that run into overcharges of thousands of pounds even for SME’s. With the complex nature of your water, wastewater and trade effluent bills and its many tariffs and fees it’s easy for new charges to become buried deep within the details of your monthly statement where they will likely go unnoticed!


Start a conversation with us about SwitchWaterSupplier.com, we work to  exceed your expectations! Give us a call on 03300 552 532 or email hello@switchwatersupplier.com