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DVLA Receives Award For Water Efficiency Practices

The DVLA has been recognised for its water efficiency standards and practices by the leading authority on water efficiency, which has awarded it the Waterwise Checkmark – highlighting that technology, signage and engagement programmes are in place that result in water-efficient behaviours.


Water-saving measures brought in by the agency included using aeration devices to reduce water flow from taps, using waterless urinals, signage to encourage staff to reduce water waste, driving the use of a helpdesk to report leaks and other issues easily, and advanced monitoring of water use through digital software and sub meters.


Saying how proud the agency is to receive the Checkmark, Louise White – director of estates and human resources – explained that the DVLA is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment through the modernisation of its services and estate, with staff members actively encouraged to take part in creating a more sustainable workplace.


She went on to say: “We believe that sustainability begins with us, and as an agency, we will continue working towards improving water efficiency and maintaining sustainable practices throughout DVLA.”


Dr Nathan Richardson, head of policy and strategy at Waterwise, made further comments, saying that the DVLA’s application was one of the strongest seen by the organisation, with “excellent evidence” provided of what is being done to conserve water resources, ranging from efficient equipment to behavioural campaigns in-office.


The DVLA also follows the Greening Government Commitments, which set out targets for government organisations to help them make reductions in waste and consumption.


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