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Dry Spring Predicted To Devastate River Levels

Some parts of the UK could soon run out of water, with river levels round the country now at record lows… a situation that experts are now expecting to be exacerbated by a dry spring, conditions that are predicted to last until at least May.


The latest monthly report from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology indicates that it’s more likely than not that we’ll see extended dry conditions over the next few months, with campaigners saying that the government and utility companies haven’t brought in enough mitigation measures such as water leak repair and building reservoirs to help conserve water supplies, according to the Guardian.


Although the last few months have seen some rainfall and even some snow, much of the country is still getting over the record-breaking dry weather that was seen last year. For example, East Anglia, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are all still classified as being in drought.


The report revealed that record-breaking low flows were seen in the Trent, Warleggan and Annacloy rivers, while large parts of central and south-western England saw exceptionally low flows in February.


Groundwater levels are also low at the moment, another measure of drought status – and this could prove problematic because these resources are often abstracted for agriculture and other uses.


Chief executive of the Rivers Trust Mark Lloyd explained to the news source that it will be devastating for waterways around the country if we see a second consecutive drought this year.


He went on to say: “This data makes clear what many of us working in the environment sector have suspected throughout the course of the winter. Following on from last year’s drought, which is still ongoing in many areas, groundwater and watercourses have not been replenished ahead of what could be another hot, dry summer.


“Repeated drought conditions year on year would be devastating for rivers. As well as severely reduced flow levels, drought decreases the amount of oxygen in the water, which is damaging to wildlife and the low water levels also concentrate the cocktail of pollution, which we sadly know is blighting rivers across the country.”


How can businesses help?


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