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Coronavirus Crisis ‘Has Increased The Value Placed on Water’

The pandemic appears to have had an impact on the value that people place on water resources, with research carried out by WaterAid revealing that growing numbers are now thinking more about how to conserve this precious resource for future generations.


The study, carried out to mark World Water Day (which took place on March 22nd), found that 54 per cent of people in the east of England are now taking steps to reduce the amount of water they use, while 72 per cent say they now appreciate having clean water at home, Cambridge Network reports.


Across the UK as a whole, 56 per cent of women said they are aware about how much water they use and are now taking steps to reduce this, compared to 42 per cent of men.


In the east of England, 31 per cent say they save water by not flushing the loo each time, while 35 per cent collect rainwater to be used in the garden and more than half of those asked say they make sure their appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, are efficient.


It seems that more could be done, however, with 18 per cent saying that they still leave the tap running while brushing their teeth. This action alone can waste up to 23 million litres of water every day, which is enough to fill nine Olympic-sized swimming pools.


And 22 per cent admit that they don’t think about how much water they’re using, while just 17 per cent spending the recommended time of four minutes in the shower. Some 40 per cent admit that they spend between five and ten minutes. Showering for longer than ten minutes, using at least 120 litres of water each time.


WaterAid chief executive Tim Wainwright said: “Over the last year with the threat of Covid-19 hanging over us all, the simple act of washing our hands with soap and water has brought home to many of us, how hard life is for the one in ten people around the world who do not have clean water.


“Now we face the even greater challenge of battling climate change, which is making life even more difficult for those who don’t know from one day to the next where they will find water.”


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