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Anglian Water Publishes Its Net Zero Routemap

Utility company Anglian Water has just published its net zero carbon routemap, outlining how it plans to ensure that it will achieve its goals by the year 2030, centered around various key areas of work.


Steps the company plans to take to hit its target include procuring green electricity for all remaining grid requirements, installing up to 240 GWhs of solar generation onsite, reducing power demand by 58GWhs per year, decarbonising its vehicle fleet,  managing its process emissions, using alternative fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oils and developing its offsetting strategy for residual emissions.


In June, Anglian Water also made financial history by becoming the first utility in the world to launch a sustainability-linked bond connected to achieving its interim carbon targets. It has committed to reducing capital carbon by 65 per cent from a 2010 baseline by 2025, and operational carbon by 30 per cent from 2018/2019 levels.


Peter Simpson, CEO, said: “We all know it is more urgent than ever to try to undo – or at least put a stop to – the damage we are doing to our planet, and to adapt our assets to be fit for the future.

“The extremes of weather we are seeing, not just around the world, but here in our own backyard in the east of England, make it impossible to ignore the need to tackle our remaining emissions right now, in parallel with our efforts to be resilient to the changing climate which is already underway.”


He went on to say that, as such, Anglian is now making the move to accelerate its progress to net zero, setting out the pathway that will take the company there by 2030.


The company also recently published its Annual Integrated Report, highlighting that it completed nearly double the number of environmental schemes that it had planned for the year – 520, against its target of 280.


These schemes were delivered via the Water Industry National Environment Programme, with £300 million of accelerated investment secured in river restoration, abstraction reduction and natural capital schemes.


In addition, the supplier succeeded in beating its leakage target for the tenth year in a row, meeting 81 per cent of its stretching regulatory performance commitments, despite the global pandemic and the wettest winter seen in over 100 years.


And not only that, but Anglian also delivered its best-ever performance on interruptions to supply and water recycling compliance, despite seeing unprecedented demand for supplies throughout the summer of 2020.


It has also regained its three-star Environmental Performance Assessment rating from the Environment Agency, off the back of a 20 per cent reduction in pollution incidents over the year, safeguarding water supplies.


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