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The UK’s premier Business Water Switching site, sponsors “Late Tee Time Podcast”

Its a fact, Golf needs water! Without water the greens will fade and die.

All golfers want to stay away from the water, that splash as your round sinks beneath the surface us never a good sound.


But Golf courses rely on water to keep those fairways and green lush, for that post round shower or the clean glass ar the 19th hole.


Golf courses and indeed most businesses spend way too much on their water bills.


That’s why a sponsorship deal with Late Tee Time Podcast and the UK’s premier business water switching site is a match made in heaven, as switching water supplier can cut your water costs and help your business save money.



Helping Golf clubs reduce water consumption and become more water wise, is good for golfing and the environment.


So register now at SwitchWaterSupplier.com and we will do all the hard work and get your business the very best price for your water supply, and claim money back if you’ve been overcharged.


So contact the UK’s premier business water switching site SwitchWaterSupplier.com to reduce those water bills.


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