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Brave Blue World: Netflix’s Response To The Water Crisis

Awareness of the global water crisis is rising, thankfully, and now more action is being taken by governments, industries, businesses and local communities around the world, to help protect water resources everywhere.

This is especially important when you consider that by the year 2050, it’s estimated that at least one in four people will likely live in a country affected by either chronic or recurring freshwater shortages.

To help drive awareness, a new Netflix film is about to stream on October 21st called Brave Blue World, narrated by Liam Neeson and featuring actors and activists such as Matt Damon and Jaden Smith. The film has declared its mission to be to challenge the commonly held assumptions about water systems around the world, while changing people’s perceptions of water itself.

One of its main goals is to move the focus away from the global sense of impending doom, opting instead to paint a more optimistic alternative water future and showing just how this could be achieved. It explores the various different technologies and innovations that could be used to solve the world’s water crisis, revealing the various advancements that have already taken place to make sure that global populations enjoy access to clean water and safe sanitation services, while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Paul O’Callaghan, the film’s executive producer, was inspired to make the documentary on his international travels as founder and chief executive of BlueTech Research, a company passionate about driving successful innovation in the global water sector. “The Brave Blue World documentary is an industry collaboration and celebration of the scientific and technology advancements that have been taking place, often behind the scenes, to deliver water services. This is the first time a documentary of this scale – bringing together global projects and partners – has been produced specifically on water.” He went on to say, “Often media coverage on water can be quite apocalyptic. Instead, Brave Blue World will be produced as a more hopeful, optimistic and solutions-oriented story about water. We’re proud of this collaboration and thankful to the partners for their support”.

On his travels, Mr O’Callaghan spoke to numerous water utilities, tech companies, academics and communities, reaching the conclusion that those countries with progressive governments that prioritised water innovation and tech adoption seemed to have particularly high levels of public engagement and greater awareness of regional water supply and wastewater treatment issues.

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