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Anglian Invests £1.7m In Hullbridge’s Wastewater Network

Anglian Water has now begun work on essential sewer upgrades in Hullbridge, investing £1.7 million in the project in order to futureproof the network, which involves installation of two kilometres of new sewer pipes from the pumping station beneath Kendall Park and towards The Esplanade.


The project is expected to be finished in December, which should help the water supplier continue to keep pace with a growing region – and a new alternative solution to pipe installation is being used in order to minimise disruption for local communities.


Customer experience manager Charlotte Worthington explained that it would previously have been necessary to dig up Ferry Road in order to install the new pipe, which would have caused serious disruption – so the scheme was redesigned in order to minimise the impact the work would have.


“Using a method called directional drilling to install the pipe means we don’t need to dig big open trenches. Instead, we drill the path for the pipe underground and pull it through, minimising the amount that we need to dig, as well as our time on site,” she went on to say, adding that all facilities and customer services will continue to be provided as normal.


The water supplier has also just submitted planning applications for new pipelines in order to ensure supplies in the east, with 70km of pipeline between Bexwell and Bury included in the plans to help prevent water scarcity issues from becoming a reality.


The entire project will see a multimillion pound investment made into the network, with the scheme set to be nearly twice as long as the M6 and expected to address the water shortages now facing the east of England – which could reach 30 million litres a day if action isn’t taken to make the region more resilient to drought.


James Crompton, strategic pipeline alliance director for Anglian Water, described the project as “vital”, saying that it will tackle the predicted future imbalances where water demand outstrips the resources available in the east.


“It is the most fundamental challenge Anglian Water faces in its region, due to the combined impact of a rapidly growing population, climate change and being located in the most water-scarce part of the UK,” he added.


To help protect the environment, the pipeline itself has been designed to have the lowest possible carbon footprint, in line with the supplier’s pledge to achieve net zero carbon by the year 2030.


The Bexwell to Bury section has also been designed to bypass ecological sites like HIlgay Fen County Wildlife Site and other parts of the countryside that protected species such as bats, badgers, great crested newts and water voles call home.


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