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Adaptation To Climate Change ‘As Vital’ As Mitigation

The Environment Agency has issued a warning ahead of the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, saying that climate change can only be tackled successfully if greater focus is placed on adapting to the impacts that are already being seen.


COP26 is less than three weeks away now and the Agency has welcomed government plans to focus on adaptation as well as mitigation during the conference, with climate adaptation of the four key goals of the Summit. However, it did urge that more action is required globally to protect the billions of lives and livelihoods now at risk.


A report presented to the government warned of more extreme weather, resulting in increased flooding and drought, as well as public water supplies needing over 3.4 billion extra litres of water a day by 2050 and sea level rises of up to 78cm by the 2080s.


As such, society, businesses and governments will need to embrace and invest in adaptation, not just live with the costs of inaction.


Key projections featured in this new report include increases in winter rainfall by around six per cent by the 2050s, while summer rainfall is expected to fall by around 15 per cent. London’s sea level is predicted to rise by around 23cm by the 2050s, as well.


River flows are expected to become even more extreme, with peak flows likely to be up to 27 per cent higher. In the summer months, river flows could be 82 per cent lower. And, if no action is taken before 2050, public water supplies will likely require over 3.4 billion additional litres of water daily.


Chair of the Environment Agency Emma Howard Boyd said: “The climate crisis is global, but its impacts are in your village, your shop, your home.


“Adaptation action needs to be integral to government, businesses and communities too and people will soon question why it isn’t – especially when it is much cheaper to invest early in climate resilience than to live with the costs of inaction.


“While mitigation might save the planet, it is adaptation, preparing for climate shocks, that will save millions of lives. Choosing one over the other on the basis of a simple either/or calculation is like telling a bird it only needs one wing to fly.”


As a business, there’s a lot you can do to adapt to the changing climate and make your operations more resilient – especially where water is concerned. Reducing your reliance on mains water supplies will be key and looking into how to change water supplier is a great first step to take in this regard. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today at switchwatersupplier.com