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Act NOW To Avoid A Climate Crisis, The World Is Warned

A very stark warning has been issued to the world regarding the climate crisis, with the chairman of technology consultancy Isle saying that there is no more time left to act and in order to avoid this looming disaster, action must be taken now, without delay.


Dr Piers Clark made these comments at the recent Water Action Platform webinar that took place on August 26th, following the publication of the damning IPPC report on climate change, which found that the global water crisis will continue intensifying in line with climate breakdown, Smart Water Magazine reports.


Dr Clark went on to say that many of us out there now feel a “sense of hopelessness” when faced with stark warnings such as these, questioning what we can do as individuals to address the situation and make a difference.


He continued, saying that the water sector actually has a very significant part to play in tackling the climate crisis head on, with the industry using huge amounts of energy to treat and pump water – which means there is also significant potential to create a more positive impact on the environment.


This could be something like energy generation from bioresources to introducing floating solar arrays on reservoirs but, whatever action is taken, the sector will need to lead the way in addressing this global challenge, with the importance of water and the work being done to protect resources communicated to the public in an open and transparent manner.


In line with this, a new non-profit multimedia positive news platform has been launched called Make Water Famous, which will cover water issues exclusively and will be staffed by former national and regional journalists who have extensive experience in communications and campaigns relating to the water sector.


Dr Clark commented on the launch, saying: “The value of a news service is that it drops the jargon, does away with the politics and gets straight to the heart of the issue – namely that water deserves to be celebrated and cherished… in fact, it deserves to be famous.”


The website went live on September 15th, the brainchild of Natasha Wiseman, a water journalist, communicator and entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience of working in the water industry.


The aim of the news platform is to encourage people to join in and share stories, while promoting the various innovations and initiatives coming to the fore in local communities around the world.


The organisers also put on creative workshops and cultural events to help connect people with water, such as song-writing workshops in schools and community groups around the country. And they have a monthly show on a local community radio station in Brighton, helping them spread the word about just how important water actually is.


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