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A Bathtub Is On A UK Tour To Raise Awareness Of Water Wastage!

Affinity Water has been taking a huge bathtub on a tour of the UK to help raise awareness of water wastage, with the tub approximately 125 times bigger than a typical bathroom facility and capable of holding 10,000 litres of water.


The bathtub campaign forms part of the water supplier’s SOS: Save Our Streams initiative and, most recently, was seen in the town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire. According to the Comet, residents in the township use 148.29 litres of water per capita, which is 4.4 per cent more than the national average, which is 142 litres.


People are now being encouraged to visit the tub to find out how they can reduce their water usage and consumption, coming together to protect the UK’s chalk streams, many of which can be found in the county.


Also known as Britain’s Great Barrier Reef, these chalk streams (which carry freshwater from underground springs) are more endangered than the black rhino and the Bengal tiger, being put at risk because of unsustainably high demand for water.


Event manager of the SOS campaign Andy Harrison explained that the purpose of the bathtub tour is to drive awareness of the fact that the water being used in homes and by businesses comes directly from the natural environment, including the rare chalk streams.


The aim is to encourage people to understand just how much water they’re using, helping them reduce demand for water so that less can be taken from the streams, he continued.


Councillor Graham McAndrew heads up the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP) and he made further comments, saying: “Two key priorities for HCCSP are addressing biodiversity and water sustainability and the partnership is working across Hertfordshire on joint Strategic Action Plans to tackle specific county wide issues in these two areas.


“The demand for water is rising but you can play a part in reducing the burden. We can all make a difference by using a little less water at home or at work. If we do, it’ll all add up and we can help protect our local environment in Hertfordshire.”


From a business perspective, there’s a lot that can be done to help reduce the amount of water being used across your site. Prioritising water leak detection and repair is a great first step to take, as you may not even know you have a leak on your premises and could be wasting a huge amount of water as a result.


Another option is switching business water supplier, which involves having an audit of your site carried out so you can identify weak areas and bring in the appropriate water-saving solutions over time. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.